Doncaster robbbery victim to shut up shop

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A Doncaster jeweller has decided to shut up shop rather than face the danger of another armed robbery.

A Doncaster jeweller has decided to shut up shop rather than face the danger of another armed robbery.

High-tech security measures at N & A Jewellers in Woodlands foiled an attempted hold-up last week but owner Adam Croft says he has had enough because he fears for his safety.

The attack on his premises on Great North Road was the third raid on Doncaster jewellery shops since the end of May.

Doncaster police have set up a special squad after an unprecedented spate of armed robberies.

Mr Croft, who has run the shop for four years, specialising in buying old gold, said: “I am no longer prepared to put my life and those of my staff in danger. I’m packing it in and looking for a job in a factory or warehouse, where it’s going to be safer.

“There’s nothing more I can do in terms of security.

“They only have to get in once and these characters are not afraid to use weapons.

“It’s come to an end and the doors are closed for good now. I just can’t face it any more, it’s just not safe.”

Mr Croft and three of his staff were in the shop last Thursday morning when a car pulled up outside and two masked men got out and headed for the shop.

Fortunately they were seen on the shop’s closed-circuit TV camera system and the staff immediately activated all their security measures.

They included automatic locks on the door, a high-powered ‘sonic blaster’ alarm, an instant alert to the police station, and a ‘Fog Bandit’ device, which immediately filled the shop with dense smoke.

Mr Croft had fitted the ultra-strong security system after a previous armed robbery a couple of years ago.

“It was the first time we’d used the Fog Bandit and it worked brilliantly. There was no way they could have seen anything even if they had got inside the shop.

“A friend in the security industry advised me to get one and it was fantastic. I’m so glad I took his advice.

“They tried to get in the door but there was no chance for them so they got back in the car and drove off towards Doncaster. I think some people on the street got their registration number.”

The latest raid comes after a gang got away with about £2,500 worth of cash and jewellery from the Antique and Bargain Stores in Doncaster Market Place last month. And another gang brandishing a sword and bar held up staff at Gary French’s shop on Clock Corner, Doncaster, on May 31, before making their getaway through the market. A police spokesman said a team of detectives has been established to deal with the robberies.

A total of seven people have been arrested for the town centre raids.

* A 29-year-old Balby man, Shane Fletcher, has been charged with the attempted robbery in Woodlands and has been remanded in custody by Doncaster magistrates to appear at Sheffield Crown Court.