Doncaster prisoners’ illegal phones to be given away

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NEWS: News.

THE governors of Doncaster’s four prisons are being given new powers to destroy or dispose of unauthorised property found in the possession of prisoners.

Charities could benefit from any mobile phones confiscated from inmates at HMP Doncaster, Lindholme and Moorland Cloaed and Open jails, after The Prisons (Property) Bill received Royal Assent yesterday.

It will allow governors to destroy, recycle, sell or donate illicit mobile phones and other unauthorised items. Any proceeds will go to charities or suitable organisations.

Currently there are about 41,000 confiscated mobile phones in storage, costing the Prison Service £20,000 a year, and there have been a number of prosecutions at Doncaster Crown Court after inmates were found with phones - one of them smuggled by a female prison officer after forming a relationship with one of them.

Prisons Minister Jeremy Wright said: “We are determined to address the problems caused by mobile phones and contraband in prisons - it is totally unacceptable that prisons have to pay for storing these items after confiscation.”