Doncaster man held up police in naked crossbow siege

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A 29-year-old man from Hyde Park has been jailed for 23 months after sparking a three-hour siege during which he aimed a crossbow at a police inspector and threatened to kill himself.

Kevan Higgins, of Hamilton Road, was ‘smashing up’ his girlfriend’s flat in Kirkgate, Bridlington when police responded to reports of a disturbance.

Higgins was ‘heavily in drink’ and was throwing items including pictures out of the window, Hull Crown Court heard.

He was only wearing boxer shorts when police arrived but took them off, leaving him naked.

Higgins then held a small knife to his throat and a larger one to his stomach and threatened to take his own life.

Officers responded by putting a cordon around the property and armed police and a police negotiator were also sent to the scene.

The situation escalated when Higgins aimed a crossbow at an inspector, which led to him taking ‘evasive action’ by ducking down behind a parked car.

He then poured lighter fuel over himself, and threatened to set himself on fire.

The armed response team arrived shortly after and were able to calm Higgins down.

He was then arrested, and a crossbow and two bolts were recovered.

Higgins claimed to have taken an overdose and was taken to hospital.

He said he had been upset by his girlfriend, Kylie Andrew, who he believed was ‘cheating on him’.

Higgins pleaded guilty to affray, relating to the incident at the flat, and also theft and causing grievous bodily harm.

The assault took place on November 7 last year after Higgins had gone to the home of Kylie’s father Mark Andrew in Fort Terrace, Bridlington.

He was agitated, and to calm him down, Mr Andrew suggested they walk to a Morrisons petrol station to buy cigarettes.

Mr Andrew gave Higgins a cigarette, but he demanded to know where Kylie was, grabbed his mobile phone and called her.

Higgins told her if she did not tell him where she was he would punch her father, which he did.

Mr Andrew suffered a fractured cheekbone, which needed an operation.

The theft happened on February 10 this year, when Higgins stole a 19in Techwood TV, worth £258, from a Tesco store.

He later tried to sell it to a Cash Converters shop for £43.

Higgins, of Hamilton Road, Doncaster, was also in breach of a suspended sentence and was jailed for a total of 23 months.

He was also made subject to a five-year restraining order.