Doncaster man attacked eight-year-old son


A Doncaster father who assaulted his eight-year-old son forced him to give evidence in court.

The 31-year-old dad, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, denied assaulting the boy which meant the prosecution had to call the child as a witness for his trial at Doncaster Magistrates’ Court.

The dad was convicted of assault by beating, committed last September, and sentenced to 240 hours of unpaid work - the maximum amount.

District Judge Jonathan Bennett told the defendant, who works at a Doncaster warehouse: “This was a very unpleasant incident compounded by you taking it to trial.

“An eight-year-old boy had to give evidence and come to court and be cross-examined at the trial.

“I found him to be a credible witness.

“What he had to say had a ring of truth about it.”

The judge also accused the father of telling ‘a tissue of lies to cover up what happened’.

Mr Bennett said the defendant had claimed in court that his son had ‘made it all up’.

He was also placed under supervision for 12 months and ordered to pay prosecution costs of £500 with a £60 victim surcharge.

The court was told the father had only one previous conviction, dating back to 2007.

His solicitor, Parry Sealey, said there would be repercussions for his employment if he was to receive an immediate custodial sentence.

He added that social services were involved in the case and he was no longer allowed to have contact with his children.

Mr Sealey added that the community order would enable the probation service to address his anger management issues,