Doncaster council clamps down on litter louts

Litter bin.
Litter bin.

Doncaster council’s crack down on people committing littering offences has resulted in a further 17 prosecutions.

Some of the convicted individuals were made to pay as much as £545 in costs and fines and a further £40 in victim surcharges.

Deputy Mayor, Councillor Glyn Jones said of the prosecutions, ‘people can either pick up or pay up’.

He added: “These latest prosecutions show we are continuing to adopt a zero tolerance approach to littering which cause a major blight on our streets and public spaces. People are aware of the rules and choosing to break them will result in punishment for their actions.

“We have an ample amount of litter bins available for residents, and we work hard to ensure that Doncaster is kept tidy and presentable for residents and visitors. Our public spaces are for everyone to enjoy and everyone has a responsibility to clean up after themselves.”

For more information on how to report littering and fly tipping please visit: