Dearne cyclists urged to make bikes secure

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Police are urging residents in Mexborough, Conisbrough and Denaby to secure their bicycles when left outside their homes.

Officers in Doncaster said about 75 per cent of bikes stolen are from when they are left unsecure in gardens.

Sgt Mark Hitchenor said: “We would like to encourage owners to secure their bikes as we believe that most of the thefts are preventable if owners locked their bikes with a D-Lock.

“The majority of the bikes stolen are of low value and their owners suggest that they never imagined that anyone would want to steal them.

“But there is some evidence to suggest that thieves are not stealing the bikes to sell, but rather they are taking these bikes to ride further from home to commit crimes or are using them to get away from an area in which they have committed a crime.”

He added: “I would urge all bike commuters using bike racks to use a D-lock, rather than a cable lock to secure their bike, and to raise the lock above the ground so it cannot be attacked with a hammer.”

To help officers locate your bike if it is stolen, register it for free on or

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