Crossbow arrow spears pony’s face

A defenceless pony suffered huge distress after a 20-inch arrow was driven four inches deep in to her face.

The act, termed a “callous and brutal act of animal cruelty” by the RSPCA, is thought to have been inflicted on Bambi - a 10-year-old chestnut mare, by a crossbow.

Injured Bambi was spotted by a passer-by who alerted the RSPCA to her field near Broad Car Road, Hoyland.

Inspector Joanne Taylor was unable to get near the petrified animal. The pony was in so much pain and kept knocking the arrow in her nose, causing her further distress.

A vet assessed Bambi and advised leaving her until her owners were present. Bambi was caught later that evening, was examined and the arrow cropped. The next day she was taken to the a specialist equine unit in Penistone.

An X-ray revealed the arrow had penetrated her sinus by about four inches.

Bambi’s owners, who do not wish to be named, said they were horrified, and so upset to think that someone was wandering around the area ‘brandishing a dangerous weapon.’

Insp Taylor said: “This was an horrific and deliberate act of animal cruelty on a defenceless animal. I am keen to hear from anyone who has information.”

Call 0300 123 8018. The attack which happened at about 7pm on June 10.