Crime down across Isle and North Lincs

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Crime figures in North Lincolnshire are down on the previous year and this is attributed to joint working between the council’s Safer Neighbourhoods team and Humberside Police.

The overall crime figure for 2012/13 was 10,819 and for 2013/14 it reduced to 10,328 – a 4.5 per cent decrease. The target set for the period was four per cent.

Crime is broken down in to categories as follows;

Violent crime with injury – 1,051 (11.4 per cent decrease)

Serious acquisitive crime – 1,554 (16.2 per cent decrease)

Dwelling burglary – 668, (22.6 per cent decrease)

Non-dwelling burglary – 917 (3.5 per cent decrease)

Criminal damage – 1,733 (5.9 per cent decrease)

Safer Neighbourhoods and Humberside Police set a target of a four per cent reduction in violent crime with injury. An 11.4 per cent decrease on 2012/13 figures was recorded.

Coun Carl Sherwood, cabinet member for customer, services, sport and leisure, said: “The decrease in the number of criminal offences taking place in North Lincolnshire is credit to the continuous and dedicated hard work Safer Neighbourhoods and Humberside Police carry out. They are making a real difference. The figures are reducing year-on-year, which is great to see. I am positive that we can see even further reductions this year.

“All of this hard work ensures that people in North Lincolnshire can feel safe in their communities. Crime of any form is not acceptable and people should be aware that if they commit a crime they will be punished.”

Supt Dave Hall from Humberside Police, said: “It is pleasing to see that by working with partners in North Lincolnshire we can help to reduce crime.

“The hard work of dedicated officers in North Lincolnshire, in collaboration with Safer Neighbourhoods has resulted in fewer victims of crime in significant areas such as burglary, serious acquisitive crime and violent crime with injury.

“We will now be working to ensure that this reduction continues and by showing that by working together we can make North Lincolnshire a safer place to live and visit.”