Crackdown on bad bus behaviour

Police tape
Police tape

Police officers have taken to public transport in a bid to tackle antisocial behaviour.

As part of the operation police community support officers and special constables travelled on trains and buses across a number of routes across the borough.

The Trojan bus, which looks like a regular bus patrolled routes including Thorne, Moorends and Stainforth.

Officers seized alcohol from a number of youths, while others were dealt with for antisocial behaviour including youngsters throwing water balloons at motorists.

Special constables and a dog handler with a specially trained drugs detection dog also assisted British Transport Police patrolling Northern Rail train routes between Sheffield and Doncaster that have suffered from antisocial behaviour and other offences.

One man was arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs, four cannabis warnings were given and 34 people were searched.

Several groups of youths who had been drinking were advised on their antisocial behaviour and alcohol was confiscated.