Court round-up

Court case
Court case

The following people have appeared in court charged with the following offences

n edlington: A fragrance thief did not come up smelling of roses after admitting stealing perfume and aftershave. Craig Alexander Rutherford, 30, of Kings Crescent, pinched a bottle of Hugo Boss aftershave and a bottle of Givenchy perfume costing £79 from Boots on December 16. Rutherford must be under supervision for 12 months as part of a community order. Rutherford also admitted failing to surrender to custody on December 23.

n HYDE PARK: A straightener thief had a hair raising experience after being sent to prison for one day. Keith Thompson, 31, of St James’ Street, admitted taking three sets of Desperate Housewives hair straighteners to the value of £44.97 from Clas Ohlson on December 29.

n hatfield: Drink driving cost a Doncaster motorist £255 and his licence. Luke Keyworth, 20, of Amanda Drive, was disqualified from driving for 18 months and fined after pleading guilty to driving in Doncaster Road on December 23 whilst over the limit.