Commissioner’s pledge to build a safer future is Isle

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Police and crime commissioner Matthew Grove has released his plan for safeguarding Isle residents over the next four years.

In his report, covering the entire Humberside policing area, Mr Grove is clear on how he hopes to reduce crime, protect the public and improve safety, and proffer help to all victims of crime.

The police precept is frozen for the next year and details of spending are listed.

The document was put together following consultation with the police, its partners and the general public.

Mr Grove pledges to “put the public at the centre of everything I do.”

Communities feature strongly, with Mr Grove’s hopes of ‘empowering’ people to be key partners in identifying trouble, and dealing with it.

His approach is to “focus more on underlying issues that drive crime”, by working with other bodies such as councils and health professionals.

Reducing crime is the number one priority, and Mr Grove is to support drug and alcohol intervention programmes through the Community Safety Fund.

Protecting children is “crucial to both me and the chief constable,” he claims, adding: “I will be looking to further projects that develop parenting skills, support families and strengthen relationships.”

And he seeks a “renewed effort on promoting and enabling drug and alcohol reduce this demand and its associated crimes.”

Early screening of mental health in custody suites is another priority, with “better support for vulnerable offenders.” More special constables and volunteers will add to police visibility.

To upload a full copy visit Humberside PCC