Cocaine dealer banged up

A DRUGS dealer from Rawmarsh has been forced to give back £40,000 under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Carl Finner, 44, of Haugh Green, was jailed for money laundering and drug offences after a police investigation of almost two years.

A routine stop and search triggered the probe after officers found £320 worth of cocaine and £800 cash on his person.

Finner pleaded not guilty to possession with intent to supply at Sheffield Crown Court, but was found guilty and remanded in custody.

He then pleaded guilty to money laundering for possessing and concealing criminal property at Doncaster Crown Court, and received 18 months in jail plus six years for drugs offences. He was ordered to pay court fees of £5000, and relinquish £40,000 of drugs money. Det Sgt Rob Platts, supervisor of Rotherham district’s money laundering team, said: “This was a good result that should remind people that crime simply doesn’t pay”.