Burglars jailed for breaking into cannabis den in Rotherham

Jamie Lee Barker
Jamie Lee Barker

A Sheffield judge has warned cannabis growers they risk having their drug dens broken into - after he jailed two burglars.

Judge Peter Kelson warned those who grow cannabis plants make themselves a target for other criminals.

He said not only do they face imprisonment if caught by the police but they are at risk of other crooks raiding their drug dens.

“People who decide to grow cannabis in their homes not only face imprisonment they also face burglary from others,” he said.

Judge Kelson spoke out as he jailed 19-year-old Jamie Barker and Adam Oakes, 23, for breaking into a house and stealing cannabis plants and electrical items.

Barker, of Burns Road, Herringthorpe, was jailed for 32 months and Oakes, of Lockwood Close, East Herringthorpe, was handed a 13-month jail sentence.

Laura Marshall, prosecuting, said police were called after a neighbour saw the two men getting into a taxi with a television and other goods.

When officers arrived at the house they found a strong smell of cannabis and evidence that plants had been recently cropped.

The homeowner denied any knowledge of the plants being grown and was not prosecuted.

When interviewed by police, Barker said he had been told cannabis was being grown at the house and he decided to break in and steal the plants.

Richard Thyne, for Barker, who has previous convictions for burglary, said he had been a ‘promising, hard-working young man’ until he began offending two-and-half years ago due to cannabis use and drinking.

Amanda Denton, for Oakes, said he began offending after losing his job when he breached a community order.

The judge told Oakes: “Some of the locks inside the house were broken in order to search the premises which you deliberately targeted because you wanted the cannabis.”

He was given 12 months in prison for the burglary with another one month consecutive sentence for breaching the community order.