Burglar scared Doncaster schoolboys during raid

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Two ten-year-old boys were terrifed when they found a burglar in their home, a court heard.

The boys were getting ready for school when they heard a noise downstairs and assumed it was their mother.

But it turned out to be 29-year-old Carl Birks, who had walked in and got as far as the cellar.

Jailing him for ten months, Recorder Kate Tulk said: “I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever if the boys hadn’t been there you would have searched as many rooms as necessary to steal something.”

Richard Sheldon, prosecuting, said Birks struck just before 8am when the boys were briefly left alone in a farmhouse at High Melton, Doncaster.

They lived next door to their grandmother and their father had left for work but their mother was expected home shortly.

“The boys heard noises and thought it was their mother returning from work and found you in their house,” the judge told Birks.

“You now apprehend how frightening that must have been for the two small boys.”

Birks, of Moorland View, Aston admitted burglary with intent to steal on March 6.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Birks had been behaving in an ‘out of character’ way following the death of his baby daughter.