Burglar jailed for 16th conviction

What really hurt about Dominique Emmonds’ visit to the dentist was coming home to find a ‘friend’ had burgled her Doncaster home.

Prolific burglar Paul Thompson had even asked when she would be out so he could raid her house in Armthorpe to take her computer and camcorder.

Afterwards the callous crook tried to wriggle out of Ms Emmonds’ accusations by pretending he chased the burglar - but she didn’t believe a word and alerted the police who arrested the 33-year-old the next day.

It was Thompson’s 16th conviction for house burglary and under three-strikes-and-out legislation he was sentenced to the minimum three-year jail term when he appeared at Doncaster Crown Court and admitted the latest offence, committed on August 1.

A previous conviction in 2007 was for ransacking the home of an 89-year-old Sprotbrough man.

Prosecutor Brian Outhwaite said Ms Emmonds, a mother-of-two, arrived home from the dentist to find a kitchen window had been broken and £400 worth of property missing.

“After a short time she put two and two together because she realised she had been contacted by the defendant, described as a friend but more of an acquaintance and she believed he might be responsible because he had recently visited her house and noticed the items on the kitchen table. She also had a phone call that morning asking her where she was going.

“The prosecution say this was a premeditated and pre-planned effort to find out where she would be,” said Mr Outhwaite.

That afternoon Thompson, of Church Way, Doncaster, phoned her and said he knew the man who had her laptop and would get it back for her “to clear his name”.

“He even pretended to be giving chase to the burglar while he was on the phone and then said he had to give up the chase but had got the laptop. All those factors made the complainant very suspicious and he was arrested,” said Mr Outhwaite.

In mitigation, barrister Michael Upson said Thompson had written letters of apology to the court and Ms Emmonds.

“It has to be conceded he has a bad record for burglary and he knows it can only be a sentence of immediate custody.

“He was trying to get his life back on track and managed to stay out of trouble for a little while, but his emotional stability descended into confusion and he took to drugs again. He has expressed remorse and regret but expects the sentence will be long.”