BREAKING NEWS: Escaped Doncaster mental patient is recaptured

South Yorkshire Police Officers
South Yorkshire Police Officers

A man who fled while on escorted leave from a secure hospital in Doncaster yesterday is this morning back in police custody.

David Burslam, convicted of kidnapping a banker five years ago, was on an accompanied visit into the town centre from Cheswold Park Hospital when he escaped from staff yesterday morning.

A nationwide alert went out yesterday evening but Burslam was detained in Macclesfield, Cheshire, when he visited a hospital in a ‘confused’ state about 3am today and was recognised by staff, who held him until police arrived.

He is this morning being brought back to Doncaster.

Burslam was last seen heading towards Doncaster railway station on foot about 10.30am yesterday.

The 49-year-old was made the subject of an indeterminate hospital order in 2009, and is the latest prisoner to go on the run after being allowed out of detention in recent weeks.

Detectives believee he may be making his way out of the immediate area in an effort to contact friends or family. He has friends and family in Manchester, Hull and Derbyshire.