Bosses claim South Yorkshire police officers remain committed to providing quality service despite low morale

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Police chiefs in South Yorkshire insist bobbies remain ‘committed’ to providing a quality service despite morale being low.

A Police Federation survey found that of the 503 South Yorkshire officers questioned, the force has the highest proportion with low morale.

It found 98 per cent felt morale was low, compared to 90 per cent nationally.

One quarter of South Yorkshire officers questioned said they were unsure whether they want to continue working for the force.

A South Yorkshire spokeswoman said: “The survey demonstrates how staff are feeling and provides us with information upon which we can act to support our staff. There are a range of support service available to staff should they wish to access them.

“South Yorkshire Police is committed to providing the best quality of service possible and our staff remain positive and committed to achieving this.

“There are a number of issues affecting staff morale within South Yorkshire Police which are similar to many other police forces.

“The issues include the Winsor reforms, which have an impact upon pensions and conditions, the budget cuts imposed by the austerity measures made by the Government, which effect partner services and reductions in policing numbers. This means we have to work harder with fewer staff.

“Within South Yorkshire Police, we face additional challenges such as the investigations into non-recent Child Sexual Exploitation, the Hillsborough Inquiry and continued media attention in relation to past and current performance, which will obviously have an impact upon staff morale.”

She said 88 per cent of respondents to the staff survey are interested in the work they do, 78 per cent agree that their team works well together, 77 per cent believe that their supervisor treats them with respect and 71 per cent have a sense of loyalty to the organisation.