Barnsley man jailed for ‘horrific’ attack on wife and son

Ajit Sekhon has been jailed for beating his wife and son.
Ajit Sekhon has been jailed for beating his wife and son.

A man who scalped his wife and beat his son up in a ‘horrific’ attack at their South Yorkshire home has been jailed for 16-and a-half-years.

Barnsley man Ajit Sekhon lost control during a row and attacked his 32-year-old son Paul and Manjit, his wife of 38 years.

Sheffield Crown Court heard police and paramedics arrived at the family home in Kirkland Gardens, Monk Bretton, on October 18 last year to a ‘scene of complete devastation’.

“There was blood all over the room, on the walls on the floor and on the sofa,” said Kirstie Watson, prosecuting.

The court heard Sekhon, a father of four, lost his temper in a ‘horrifying and extreme loss of self control’ as his youngest son Paul adjusted the aerial on the family’s television set.

He attacked Paul with a metal cereal bowl, and battered him repeatedly over the head with it, also using a spiked religious bracelet to inflict injuries.

His wife Manjit, aged 55, managed to escape and tried to raise the alarm but when a neighbour declined to help, she returned to the house and Sekhon set upon her.

Miss Watson said Sekhon threatened to kill his wife and used a heavy ornament to bludgeon her body repeatedly.

Paul eventually escaped and another neighbour raised the alarm.

She was left unconscious, lost a significant amount of blood and suffered a terrible ‘degloving’ injury which saw the skin ripped off her scalp.

Medics feared she would not survive the transfer to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital and she was taken to Barnsley Hospital for treatment.

Miss Watson said when police arrived, Sekhon refused to let them in and fixed them with a ‘thousand yard stare’ - used to describe battle weary soldiers in a trance.

They had to use a Tazer to subdue him.

Miss Watson said in interview he told police officers he and his wife had a loving relationship and it was his son Paul who had ‘gone berserk’ and attacked his wife.

Sekhon pleaded guilty to two counts of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Gul Nawaz Hussain, defending, said Sekhon, 59, could not remember the attack and was ‘clearly horrified’ by what he had done, adding: “He will live with the shame of what he has done for the rest of his life.”

Jailing him Judge Julian Goose QC said: “You lost your temper and began to attack Paul in a sustained, brutal and violent attack whilst your wife begged you stop, fearing you were going to kill your son.

“You began to beat your wife about the head with a heavy object.”

He said the offences were committed against a backdrop of domestic violence and both Paul and his wife were still suffering from the physical and mental effects of the attack.