Appeal after attacks on cars at Crowle

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Car owners at Crowle are baffled by a night-time attack on their vehicles that left them smothered in oil and smashed eggs.

The attacks follow another alarming incident in the town, when a parked car was forcibly lifted and placed in the middle of a road near to a blind street corner.

This action, that was reported to Humberside police, involved eight to 10 members of a ‘gang’, who were blasted by Crowle residents on social networking site Facebook for ‘putting lives at risk.’

Town councillor and community stalwart Ron Stewart discovered his wife’s car, an almost brand-new Renault Megane Motability car, had been targeted by vandals when he looked outside their home on Church Street the following morning.

The St Oswald’s Neighbourhood Watch chairman said: “We are still getting oil seeping from the light fittings. I’ve no idea who’s responsible or what their motive was. We have had problems in the past, from eggs being thrown at the front window to having the front door kicked in.

“I’ve always presumed it was because I speak out against anti-social behaviour and am involved in the neighbourhood watch.

“But on this occasion there were several incidents. A car on Windsor Road got the same treatment as my wife’s apparently, and I believe there was another. And the door of a business was screwed up so that the people couldn’t get in the next morning. I understand it was a night of general mayhem.

“At first, I had thought the car was covered in dust, as we had been to a dog show at Ripon the previous day. It wasn’t until I got close to it that I saw the full extent of the damage.”

The catalogue of incidents, none of which were recorded on CCTV cameras placed in the town, have led Mr Stewart to issue an appeal all around the community, for people to be vigilant and to report any unusual behaviour immediately to police.

A police spokesman said: “We are aware of the car that was moved and as far as we know that was an isolated incident. If anyone has information we would urge them to get in contact.”

Regarding the oil and egg attacks, a statement from Humberside police said: “Between 2000 hours on September 13 and 7.30 hours on September 14 criminal damage was caused to a Renault Megane parked on Church Street, Crowle. It has been reported that eggs and oil were thrown over the vehicle.

“Anyone with information is asked to call Humberside police tel 101 quoting crime reference 1997891.”

At a recent Crowle Town Council meeting, complaints were made regarding a lack of monitoring of CCTV camera footage.

A North Lincolnshire Council spokeswoman said: “We will keep the situation in Crowle under review.”