Action promise on Bronx estate

COUNCIL officers and police from across the area are to target a troubled estate, in a bid to rid it of druggie gangs and violence.

Again, tackling issues on the Manor Farm estate in Rawmarsh is a priority for the Wentworth South Area Assembly, linking with the North Area Assembly for joint impact.

Manor Farm has been labelled the ‘Bronx’ of Rotherham by locals, following a spate of violent attacks and a gang culture that keeps people indoors and afraid to venture out.

At a Wentworth South meeting last week, Rawmarsh councillor Neil Hamilton said that because of the location of Manor Farm, police and council efforts from both north and south areas are being co-ordinated, to “work together to make Manor Farm what it used to be”.

One resident told how people were moving off the estate after being intimidated by gangs, and was reassured to hear that remedial action is being taken by the authorities.

Problems reported across the estate relate to three main gangs and include intimidation and nuisance, criminal damage, anti-social behaviour and drugs offences.

A police spokesman for Rawmarsh said letters had been sent to parents of gang members. Nuisance youth patrols involving police, PCSOs and youth services have been launched, and alcohol seized from youths on several occasions.

Housing enforcement processes including eviction and several criminal cases are ongoing, he said, with work being done across the estate on crime prevention, and 2000 residents receiving security advice.

The Manor Farm TARA is in constant communication with the local Safer Neighbourhood Team, reporting incidents and receiving updates on actions taken.

A general crime report across the Wentworth South Area revealed burglaries and criminal damage to be the only crimes with rising rates, with burglaries of homes up by ten per cent and other burglaries up by 49 per cent. Criminal damage to houses is up 12 per cent and to vehicles by 2.4 per cent.