Abuse lies hurt child says judge

Mum: Vicky Haigh.
Mum: Vicky Haigh.

A DONCASTER mum who ‘manufactured’ claims her ex-husband abused their daughter caused ‘profound difficulties’ for the little girl at school says a judge.

Model and racehorse trainer Victoria Haigh’s behaviour also ‘jeopardised’ the livelihood of ex-husband David Tune, said judge Sir Nicholas Wall, President of the Family Division of the High Court.

His comments are in a written information document on a legal website.

Last month, Sir Nicholas criticised Ms Haigh at a High Court hearing in London - saying she made up abuse allegations about Mr Tune then ‘caused’ the little girl, now seven, to repeat them to police.

The judge has now revealed more information about the case in the information document published on the British and Irish Legal Information Institute website.

He stated: “Perhaps most disturbingly Ms Haigh has caused profound difficulties for X at her school.

“The school has informed the court that some, if not most, of the parents whose children attend X’s primary school have an understanding of the allegations made by Ms Haigh that are placed on the web.”

Sir Nicholas said Ms Haigh e-mailed parents at her daughter’s school and directed them to an internet page in which Mr Tune was labelled ‘paedophile father’.

The judge said she also contacted Mr Tune’s employers and directed them to documents which said her ex-husband was a ‘paedophile and a rapist’.

The little girl now lives with her father and is subject to a care plan organised by an authority in Doncaster, the court has heard.

Sir Nicholas has ruled that Ms Haigh, Mr Tune and Doncaster Council, the local authority which is working with the little girl, can be identified so the public could be told Mr Tune was ‘not a paedophile’.

But he says the little girl - referred to as ‘X’ in court documents - must not be named.

Ms Haigh and Mr Tune married in May 2003, but split in 2005.