Crematorium is given a £40,000 renovation

Councillor Liz Redfern.
Councillor Liz Redfern.

Following the commemoration of Woodlands Crematorium’s 50th year anniversary it is receiving a £40,000 renovation in the chapel, reception and office areas.

The refurbishment work includes:

Larger reception area that has made staff more visible when visitors arrive.

A private area has been created for families and visitors wishing to discuss things of a sensitive nature or needing privacy.

New furniture for the waiting area to give it a fresher look.

The chapel attendant room has been moved to facilitate a private vestry area for ministers to gather their thoughts before the service.

Work on the chapel will soon be starting to give it a general overhaul including a new carpet and the walls painted. The pews will stay to give a sense of tradition but they are going to be renovated.

The renovation work started in January and is expected to be finished in April.

An open day was held in September last year to commemorate the anniversary which saw over 100 people attend. Visitors looked around the grounds, open spaces, the chapel, Book of Remembrance Room and cremating areas.

As part of the anniversary year a Friends of Woodlands group was created to play an important role in the consultation process for determining the future objectives, operating standards and priorities in Woodlands Memorial Park. Their first meeting is going to be held in April.

If you are interested and feel you can contribute to the group or for more information please contact the Crematorium on 01724 747555 or email

The Memorial Park holds the prestigious Green Flag award and if successful this year it will mark the eighth successive year of the award.

Woodlands Crematorium opened on 12 November 1964. 50 years on; the chapel still stands in well-established grounds of approximately 12 acres, considered by many visitors to be a beautiful, peaceful and tranquil place.

Councillor Liz Redfern (pictured), Leader of North Lincolnshire Council said: “Bereavement is a difficult time for anyone to deal with and the staff at Woodlands Crematorium are committed to providing a dignified and professional service.

“To ensure we can continue to provide a great service to our customers we have invested £40,000 in renovating the chapel, reception and office facilities. These improvements will greatly benefit the service provided.

“Our commemoration of 50 years of Woodlands Crematorium will soon come to an end with the final refurbishments. It has been great to highlight the brilliant work of our bereavement service in North Lincolnshire and the fantastic support they provide for families.

“If you feel you would like to contribute and have your say on Woodlands Memorial Park then register your interest to be part of the Friends of Woodlands group. You will make a difference on the future decision-making.”