Cows on the loose wandering streets of Sheffield

A stock image of cows.
A stock image of cows.

Police were called after around 15 cows escaped from a field and started wandering the streets of Sheffield this morning (Saturday May 30).

Officers received calls from baffled residents who awoke to the shocking sight of cows walking along Redmires Road in the Crosspool region of the City.

The incident was reported to police at 7am and the round-up mission was still going on at 10.30am.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said residents and local farmers were currently dealing with the incident and police officers did not attend the scene.

A resident who witnessed the chaos posted on Pictures of Sheffield Old and New page on Facebook: “Just been pasted by 20 free range cows in cross pool heading in to town via broomhill”

And pun loving residents couldn’t wait to respond.

Lee Simpson posted “Someone obviously let the cat-tle out the bag.”

Heather Rotherham posted: “Some people are milking this for all it’s worth.”