Court round-up

Scales of Justice
Scales of Justice

The following people have appeared at Doncaster Magistrates’ Court charged with the following offences

Mexborough: A booze thief is in bad spirits after being given a community order. Adrian Michael David Nickson, 29, of New Street, admitted taking £8 of Stella Artois from the Co-op on June 15. As part of his punishment Nickson was ordered to comply with a 12 month supervision order and was also ordered to attend an alcohol treatment programme by magistrates.

Town CENTRE: Driving while disqualified landed a Doncaster motorist with a community order. Robert Pickersgill, 32, of Wharf Road, admitted driving a Ford Transit on July 29 whilst disqualified and without insurance. As part of his punishment Pickersgill was ordered to abide by a 12 week curfew and pay court costs of £85. Pickersgill was also given six penalty points on his licence.

Balby: Stealing paint resulted in a Doncaster man having a brush with the law. Nigel Mark Spooner, 43, of Furnival Road, was ordered to pay £300 by magistrates after he admitted to taking three tubs of paint on June 6 from Wates Contractors.

Cantley: Destroying property landed a Doncaster man with a £235 court bill and a community order. Thomas Mark Tobin, 26, of Birch Road, pleaded guilty to destroying a Samsung mobile phone costing £150 and causing £3,000 of damage to an Audi A4 on July 1. Tobin was also ordered to comply with a 24 month supervision order as part of his punishment. Tobin was ordered to pay £150 in compensation and £85 in court costs by Doncaster magistrates.