Cost of living - The price of fuel creeps up

The price of fuel creeps up
The price of fuel creeps up

The cost of fuel rose this week, with unleaded petrol now at 111.9 pence per litre - up 0.2 pence from seven days ago.

Office of National Statistics figures also show that the cost of diesel has risen by 0.2 pence per litre with the cost at the pump now 113.1 pence per litre.

Despite this week-on-week rise, fuel s still more affordable than at the same time time last year, with unleaded petrol 4.5 pence per litre cheaper and diesel 5.7 pence per litre cheaper than it was this week in 2015.

Happily, although fuel prices have risen, the predicted sharp increases in the wake of the Brexit vote have yet to take place. The Petrol Retailers Association and the AA had said that they expected the cost of fuel to jump by 2p to 3p per litre following the referendum result.

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