Consultation on referendum

DONCASTER Council is consulting local people on whether they want there to be a referendum on the governance arrangements in the borough, following a decision by the Full Council meeting.

A consultation will take place over the next three months to inform people about the possible options for how the council is run.

The two options being consulted on are an Elected Mayor and Cabinet model and a Leader and Cabinet model.

Distinguishing features between the two models include:-

*Mayor and Cabinet

*The Mayor is elected on a manifesto for the Borough as a whole.

*The Mayor holds office for four years and cannot be removed under normal circumstances.

*The Mayor is directly elected.

*The Mayor is elected every four years by local electors in an election which costs approximately £370000 as a standalone process and £220000 approximately if the election is held at the same time as another election.

Leader and Cabinet

*The Leader of the Council is elected by the Council for a period of up to four years and would be one of the 63 elected Councillors.

*The Leader is elected by fellow councillors not directly by local electors.

Rob Vincent, Chief Executive of Doncaster Council, said: “We really hope that people will use this chance to have their say on this important issue.

“I’d like to encourage everyone to find out more and let us know if they do want a referendum on the options for how Doncaster Council is run.”

A report on the outcome of the consultation and any other factors to be considered will be prepared for a full council meeting on January 19.

The council will then make a final decision on whether or not to hold a referendum.

If the council decides to hold a referendum it currently proposes that it would be held on the same day as the Council elections on May 3 2012.

The counting of votes and the declaration of the result would take place on the May 4 2012.

Further information about the consultation is available online at