Confusion after police withdraw application to close Walkabout bar in Sheffield

Walkabout bar.
Walkabout bar.

Police have this morning withdrawn an application to close the Walkabout bar in Sheffield city centre.

The Carver Street venue was issued with a 'closure notice' by South Yorkshire Police over the weekend.

A copy of the notice, displayed at the pub, claims the force has 'reasonable grounds to suspect that the use of the premises has resulted, or is likely soon to result, in nuisance to members of the public, or that there has been, or is likely soon to be, disorder near these premises associated with the use of these premises'.

It also states that closure is 'necessary to prevent the nuisance or disorder continuing, recurring or occurring'.

Police chiefs were due to make an application at Sheffield Magistrates' Court for a full closure order this morning, which would have allowed them to shut the bar for up to three months.

However, a court officer said earlier that the force had withdrawn the application. No reason was given for the withdrawal.

South Yorkshire Police are due to give an update on the incident later today.