Commendation for helping police find bogus caller

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James McGivern, 55, from Brierley, as received a Commanders Commendation from Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin for his help in catching a bogus caller hiding out in Howell Wood in Brierley.

Curtis Smith, 21, from Cudworth, Barnsley has recently been sentenced to five years imprisonment for the distraction burglary at a property in Catcliffe, Rotherham.

Police in Rotherham received intelligence advising them that Curtis Smith was hiding out in a tent in Howell Wood, Brierley, Barnsley, As soon as they arrived it soon became apparent that the geographical scale of the search would prove difficult in locating him. Luckily James McGivern the park ranger was on hand to provide locations within the wood that a tent could be pitched and after some time searching drove officers directly to the tent in a clearing where Curtis Smith was found.

PC Mick Fletcher said: “Had it not have been for Mr McGivern’s expert knowledge of Howell Wood and his enthusiasm to help officers on the day, this investigation could have been seriously hindered.”

Mr McGivern came along to Rotherham Main Street Police Station to be presented with his certificate by Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin with his wife Sam and his two children five-year-old, Darragh and four-year-old, Meibh.

Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin said: “Mr McGivern’s action is an excellent example of the public playing their part in helping reducing crime. The offences committed by the offender is one which targets some of our most vulnerable communities and with Mr McGivern’s efforts we have ensured the offender will not present a risk to our communities for a long time.”