Columnist, Nadeem Murtuja: Is hate crime really falling?

It's been a while since I have written a column for the Free Press; this has been for a number of reasons, including agreeing to become the Chairperson for a Racial/Social Justice and Human Rights Charity.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 29 February, 2016, 13:44
Nadeem Murtuja

That said I am pleased I have still been able to participate in many of the debates that the Free Press facilitates via Facebook and Twitter, which allows us all to interact on issues that affect our daily lives.

However, I have to say I am deeply concerned by the level of anti-immigrant sentiment, and blame on these forums. It is incredible that people still hold such views in 2016, and this is despite the fact that we interact with each other every day, support one another in moments of need, and our children go to school and grow up together – yet it is claimed we don’t integrate.

In the year 2000, within 8 months, I dealt with more than 100 cases of racism in Doncaster as evidenced in this Free Press article , yet today in 2016 it is alleged hate crime is coming down, contrary to all national trends.

I suppose this is what happens when an organisation fails to engage with the people it serves, and continues to superficially impose strategy and cuts, without an understanding of impact or evaluation; is there any wonder we have such poor voter turn outs?

Finally, I was delighted to read about the convictions in Rotherham last week. I sent out a number of tweets stating that it should serve notice to all paedophiles and gangs that they have no stake in our society. Let me also state that these evil people do not represent or reflect the hard working, law abiding decent Muslims or Pakistanis, we are appalled by these heinous crimes, in the same way as we are about Jimmy Saville, or crimes in the Catholic church or in the political establishment.