Column: Sunny days are perfect for getting out and about

The weather seems to have turned for us and we've had some beautiful sunny days recently, this is the time of year when everything appears to be full on, and this applies equally to sport as it does to nature.

Wednesday, 30th May 2018, 2:09 pm
Updated Wednesday, 30th May 2018, 2:12 pm

So for those of you who class yourselves as sport enthusiasts this is some of what you’ve got to look forward to in June, we have a plethora of great sporting events for you to enjoy, Triathlon and the World Triathlon Series at Leeds, football, the start of the World Cup in Russia to tennis and the Aegon Championship at Queens which is of course, the precursor to Wimbledon. Along with many other local events going on.

I can hear some of you groan at the thought of four weeks of World Cup Football dominating the media coverage so you could use this time as an opportunity to focus upon yourself.

If you don’t feel ready to go out running yet why not get out for a good walk, getting out into the countryside or a local park is truly refreshing for the mind. If you don’t want to power walk, go take a look around the grounds of the likes of Brodsworth or Cusworth Halls.

To get the best out of your time know the result that you want. This could be to unwind or it could be to get out of breath and all sweaty. Either are good so long as you achieve your aim.

In Doncaster we have some great areas to get outside for free and reconnect, get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. I dare you to go out for a walk for an hour and leave your mobile phone at home. You will probably feel as though a part of you is missing, but once you get over the shock you will begin to enjoy the feeling. Go to some local woodland and explore, take your kids and grandkids if you have them with you and do the things that you maybe did in your childhood, like climb a tree, play on the swings, paddle in a stream.

Those are the places where some of your fondest memories will be recreated. This will take you back to a time when you were carefree and full of energy, the only things to worry about was what time you had to be home for your tea.

You could wrap the day up with having for an ice cream, and feeding the ducks. You could maybe have a crafty pint at a country pub that has a beer garden, you may find that you start talking and listening to your partner. There are just so many benefits from leaving the technology behind and going for a walk.

Now I know that many of you will scoff at these simplistic suggestions but what if? What if you find that doing these simple things reconnects you to something that has been long forgotten, and that is the joy of exercise and the great outdoors combined.

Who knows, this could lead you to joining a sports club, reconnecting with old friends, discovering that your kids or grandkids actually enjoy getting away from the telly or their iPads or phones. Now wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing that would cost so little, yet give so much. I call this a win/win investment.