Cold spots and spooky cues

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FLOATING pool cues and decanters, cold spots and ankle-grabbing by unseen hands have all happened at one Swinton pub.

So licensees Paul Turner and Sheila Woodcock invited Rawmarsh investigators Project Reveal in to investigate....

The Travellers’ Rest dates back to 1861 and is reputedly haunted by Fanny Knowles, a former landlady whose ‘cursed’ picture so scared people that it has been put in storage.

A previous landlady fell down the stairs in 2005 after she said something seized her ankle and on another occasion massaged her shoulders.

Paul has been ‘followed’ by pool cues, and he and Sheila have witnessed a ‘grey figure’, and glasses being thrown and smashed.

Lee Steers of Project Reveal visited the pub on Tuesday night with a full spectrum camera, a medium and a dozen guests.

He said: “Our medium felt he was being pushed at one point and Sheila suddenly felt cold...we recorded a five degree drop in temperature around her.

“We captured orbs, or balls of light on our video screen and some ladies tried a seance. They were convinced of the presence of Mrs Knowles”.

He continued: “At one point we visited the cellar and heard a low pitched cry, then later a growl. And Sheila burst in to tears but could not explain why.

“We would definitely agree there is paranormal activity at the pub, and will investigate further”.