Christmas ruined by heartless theft

Police tape
Police tape

A FAMILY’S Christmas has been ruined after thieves smashed into a home and stole childrens’ presents.

The distraught mum has now spoken of her heartbreak following the burglary, which is one of several to have taken place in Goldthorpe in the last few weeks,

Some residents have said they are becoming afraid to leave their homes for fear of raids.

The young woman who spoke to the Times but dare not be named, moved into her home on a quiet back road in Goldthorpe with her husband and two children only recently.

She said: “The impact of this is huge. I’ve not been out the house since it happened apart from taking the kids to school. They are terrified and can’t stop talking about it. They won’t sleep alone any more.

“The thieves smashed a kitchen window and carried out Christmas presents we’d bought, with electrical items including the TV and some cash.

“We’d only nipped to take the kids to see their gran and grandad close by. Everything was secure and the burglar alarm was on. It’s hard to know what else we could do.”

A family friend with a young child was also targeted by burglars in Thurnscoe, said the woman.

She added: “It’s all the talk of the playground. No-one feels safe. There’s a tension about because so many jobs have been done.

“I looked out of my window the other day - it was late afternoon, and saw a bloke running with a television some distance away. It made me panic. When we got burgled in the early evening, the police were here within an hour but then the scenes of crime officers weren’t here until 11.30pm. The broken window and door weren’t seen to until 3am so we had no sleep, and the door still needs replacing.

“Then there’s the kids’ presents to sort again. How all this affects you mentally is terrible.”

At a Dearne crime and safety meeting this week, a police spokesman said thefts in the area had typically been taking place around dusk. Some arrests have been made recently, he added, and police were hopeful that there will now be a reduction in the number of break-ins across the Dearne, although people should make every effort to keep their homes secure.