Charity will help pioneering research

Pride of Isle Awards in Epworth.
Pride of Isle Awards in Epworth.

New fundraising efforts towards helping to prevent cancer in the future were announced by Paul Verrico at the Pride of Isle Awards.

Within a slide show and emotive tribute to his late wife, Anna, Mr Verrico told how the charity Epworth half-marathon is to be renamed the Anna Verrico half-marathon in future, and urged Isle folk to take the challenge next September. Anna had hoped to make the run last year but was unable to take part fully due to her illness.

In February, he added, the new TeamVerrico charity will be launched, to raise cash for “real people with real problems.”

Before she became seriously ill, Anna herself raised £20,000 towards cancer research.

Funds raised by whatever means will go to aid the work being done in to research in path inhibitors by a Professor Stebbing, geared specifically towards the type of cancer suffered by Anna Verrico that “tears young families apart”, the audience was told. Currently, funding for the valuable research has run out.

An additional scheme will allow any person or team who raises £500 by their efforts, to have a say in what their charity’s money is spent on in the future, added Mr Verrico. “Basically if you engage with the scheme, you can tell us what we should spend the money on.”

He said: “Anna’s inspiration should be that we work together to fight these evil conditions which wrench parents from their children. Martin Luther King once started a famous speech by saying “I have a dream” - well so do I. So do we. Let’s be inspired to dream it together.”