Celebrating Wesley Day

Wesley Day in Epworth. Picture: Andrew Roe
Wesley Day in Epworth. Picture: Andrew Roe

Isle resident Harry Snow has amassed a huge collection of photographs over the years.

The 90-year-old former builder and painter and decorator, of Epworth Road, Haxey, estimates he has taken more than 1,a000 pictures from the 1940s right up to present day.

The picture above shows Isle residents celebrating Wesley Day in Epworth, believed to be sometime during the 1970s.

The annual event is held to celebrate the lives John and Charles Wesley, both born in Epworth, who are credited with founding the Methodist movement, along with fellow cleric George Whitefield.

Mr Snow, a grandfather-of-two, said: “I have always enjoyed taking pictures. I got in touch after I recognised one of the people in the picture as my uncle in a previous column.

“There are pictures of everything, nature, landscapes, community events, jubilee celebrations, bank holiday gatherings.

“I have always been a keen photographer. I like getting the pictures out every now and again to have a look at them.

“It brings back nice memories for me. The Isle of Axholme has changed so much over the years when I look back at the pictures.”