CCTV service is not good enough say councillors

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Town councillors at Crowle have slammed a “low standard of monitoring” of CCTV cameras in the town.

In recent months, town councillors have asked for checks when told there has been no coverage, and CCTV footage has later been found, a meeting of the town council was told.

Coun Julie Reed said she was told there was no footage of an incident that led to a recent court case. But on a second check, new recorded evidence was discovered.

On another occasion requests for footage were turned down, when councillors were told the cameras had not been recording properly. But an engineer found the cameras to be in good working order. Again, relevant footage was found to be present on the system.

Town Mayor, Coun Paul McCartan said: “We are paying a fortune for this CCTV system, and we are not getting the service we should be.”

Coun Mel Bailey added: “There have been problems with monitoring. There is nothing wrong with the cameras, the monitoring isn’t efficient.”

Coun Trevor Barker suggested sending the monitoring authorities a formal letter expressing the council’s disappointment at the low standard of operation, and pressing for improvements to the system.

A North Lincolnshire Council spokesperson said: “CCTV in Crowle has been and is successful in picking up images to detect crime. We will keep the situation under review and ensure that these cameras continue to identify crime in the town. All CCTV cameras are recorded 24 hours a day, seven days a week using specialist recording equipment. Cameras are monitored on a cyclical basis.