Cash for Darfield!

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FLOOD victims at Darfield are finally to get some cash to help them protect their homes.

Just-announced grants from the Environment Agency include £320,000 for 75 homes at Darfield, that suffered badly in the June 2007 floods.

This sum is the largest of four allocations, made from a pot of £1.3 million, and will primarily be for flood barriers and airbrick covers.

Darfield residents neighbouring the River Dearne were forced to move as up to five feet of water swamped their homes in the last flood. They have long campaigned for a barrier.

And last year, the Times revealed exclusively how £324,000 was poured in to a fish ladder, to benefit eels in the Dearne, while nearby residents of Church View fought fruitlessly for help.

Residents’ spokesman John Bannister voiced people’s anger at money being spent on fish - rather than people.

Some families are still suffering from flood damage, and are having to re-vacate their homes, for remedial work to be done again.