Car ‘cut clean in half’ by lamp post

Rails guard the spot where the lampo came crashing down. Picture: Karen Elliott.
Rails guard the spot where the lampo came crashing down. Picture: Karen Elliott.

A CRASHING lamp post cut a car clean in half in Denaby Main – leaving the back seat passenger fighting for his life with massive head injuries.

And the husband of a local Samaritan told the Times exclusively how his wife raced to the wreck to help keep the victim alive until ambulances, fire engines and some wSEVENTEEN police cars arrived on the scene.

The latest horror crash happened when a red Fiat Punto ran out of control as it travelled along Doncaster Road, heading toward Mexborough, at 10.40pm on Saturday night.

The car left the road on the driver’s offside and hit steel fencing and the lamp standard, almost opposite the Balti Palace curry house.

The lamp post fell onto the car’s roof, splitting it down the middle and trapping the rear seat passenger.

The man – aged 23 and from Scawthorpe, Doncaster – was taken to Doncaster Royal Infirmary, suffering from serious head injuries.

The eyewitness – who live opposite the crash scene but who asked not to be named – told how he and his wife were roused by “a terrible noise, like nothing we’d ever heard before”.

He said: “My wife dashed out and found the car facing the wrong way round – with a lamp post right through the middle of it, from back to front.

“The car was cleaved in two. If you tried to cut a car in half, you couldn’t have done it with such precision.

“She found the injured lad in the back, and he was in a bad way. The engine was still running so she turned it off.

“She had no idea the lamp post – which was by now hanging above the road – was still live.

“She called the ambulance and climbed into the car to try and keep him conscious. As she comforted him, he started trying to say something.

“She said she could hardly understand him – she thought he was foreign at first.

“He struggled to get the words out, but she heard him say: ‘They will come back for me’.

“Then he started to have a seizure – and when he turned his head, she could see the back of it was all caved in.”

He added: “It was about 20 minutes before the ambulance arrived and she held him until they came. When she came back in, she was in a very distressed state.

“She was really upset by what she’d seen and she was desperately hoping he had survived.

“Soon after, all the services started arriving – and I counted up 17 police cars.

“The Fire Brigade had to free him from the wreck – it took ages to get him out because it was a two-door car.”

A 21-year-old man from Denaby Main suffered shock and slight injuries in the accident.

He was released from hospital and later arrested on suspicion of drink-driving.

Police are appealing for witnesses who saw the car being driven in the run-up to the crash. Anyone with information should call 0114 202020, quoting incident number 1267 of March 5, 2011.