Cancer victims given chance to name Doncaster help centre


People in Doncaster affected by cancer and other long term health conditions, their carers and relatives are being asked to get their thinking caps on and suggest a new name for a NHS information centre.

St John’s Information and Support Centre, based off Weston Road, at Balby, is going to be renamed to recognise the development from an information centre to a one-stop shop for patients who are diagnosed with cancer or other long term health conditions.

Staff at the centre can now be reached by telephone, email, fax and drop in and will be promoting ‘living well’ with a long term condition. RDaSH is also working with MacMillan to develop survivorship services - these are services for people living with cancer and other long term health conditions.

The staff will be working with a range of partners including Doncaster Council, Public Health, Meeting New Horizons and Cancer Buddies, to offer the one-stop shop service giving information on health and well-being, employment, money, support, what happens when you discharged from hospital and much more.

Joanna Reeve, a Macmillan Living Well Navigator, who works at St. John’s Information and Support Centre, said: “This project is just one strand of the Doncaster Survivorship project - which aims to improve the quality of life for people living with a long term condition. We are also looking at increasing the opening hours of our centre to include evenings and weekends, to make it easier for people to get to see our staff.

“Patients can come along and ask questions such as ‘how can I arrange to get my dog walked while I’m ill?’ to ‘What are the side effects of the treatment?’ We will be able to find solutions and answers to any issues patients may come across because of their long term condition.”

Now staff want to work with people who use the service, or have used it in the past, their carers and families to find a new name for the centre, ready for the launch later this year.

If you’ve a name to suggest please either post it to Joanna Reeve, St John’s Information and Support Centre, Tickhill Road Hospital, Weston Road, Balby, Doncaster; email or ring the centre on 01302 796650. The deadline for entries is June 2.

The winner will be invited along to the launch of the centre in September.