Can you spot yourself in our 90s Doncaster clubbing photo gallery?

If you ever enjoyed a night out at Doncaster's Karisma or Trilogy nightclubs, get ready to step back in time to those heady days more than 20 years ago.

Thursday, 11th April 2019, 3:12 pm
Updated Thursday, 11th April 2019, 3:14 pm
Party time at Karisma in 1999.

We've dipped into our archives with this huge selection of pictures of revellers enjoying nights out in Doncaster in the late 90s and early 2000s - can you spot yourself in our photo gallery?

On the dancefloor at Karisma.
Are you one of the two girls on this picture?
Taking time out at Karisma.
Are you one of these four at Karisma in the late 90s?
A group enjoying a breather in the seating area.
Who are this trio from 1999?
Getting ready to dance at Karisma.
Enjoying the scene in 1999.
A floral look for one of these two girls at Karisma.
Ready to party the night away.
This pair are pictured at Karisma in the late 90s.
Can you spot yourself?
These girls opted for the classic little black dress.
Enjoying a drink
Ready to dance the night away
Are you one of the three lads pictured here at Karisma?
Party time at Karisma.
A lively night out at the Duke Street club.
All smiles on the dancefloor.
Some creative costumes at Karisma in 1999.
The club was a haunt for young dancers throughout the 90s.
The club was heavily mirrored in its 90s heyday.
Are you one of the girls pictured in this duo?
The club was the place to be in the late 90s.
Can you remember nights out at the Duke Street club?
Clubbers had to climb several flights of stairs to reach the dancefloor.
Karisma had a huge dancefloor - and bar area that was set out in a circular fashion.
The venue went through a number of names - Romeo and Juliets, Seventh Heaven and Karisma.
The club had lots of seating areas and private booths for those looking for time away from the dancefloor.
The club was usually open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
Karisma clubber pix regularly featured in the nights out sections of the Doncaster Free Press.
The club regularly hosted visits by music stars of the day.
The club is now a series of apartments and flats.
Clubbers were given the choice of stairs - or a VIP lift - to the dancefloor.
Enjoying a drink or two at Karisma in 1999.
Clubbers pictured in 1999.
Are you the woman in red with her two pals at Karisma?
A group of clubbers take a breather.
Note the ashtray on the table - back then, you could smoke inside the club.
The dance scene of the 90s proved popular in Doncaster.
Can you remember the layout of the club and how it looked 20 years ago?
Did you enjoy nights out in Doncaster in the late 90s?
Sitting this one out!
A trio of smiling girls enjoy a night out.
Catching up on the news with the girls.
The dancefloor was always packed.
Doncaster also boasted Trilogy in Silver Street in the early 2000s.
Can you remember going out dressed like this?
A beach themed party at Visage in Doncaster in the 1990s.
Note the cigarettes in hand - back then, you could smoke inside venues!
All smiles as they prepare to hit the dancefloor!
Karisma eventually closed in the mid 2000s.
Ready for the night ahead at Karisma.
If you had had enough of dancing, there was always the fruit machine.
Do you remember your nights out at Karisma?
The circular bar area allowed plenty of people to get served at once from all sides.
Revellers at Karisma in 1999.
A group of five take a break from the party.
A trio of girls on a night out.
The club attracted thousands in its heyday.
There's not much room for manoeuvre on the dancefloor here!
Karisma boasted the famous alien statues for a number of years.
Despite attracting hundreds in its heyday, the club scene gradually faded away after Karisma's closure.