Campaign targets Doncaster’s nuisance families

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HUNDREDS of ‘troubled’ Doncaster families could soon be targeted under a scheme to deal with a string of social problems including anti-social behaviour.

Doncaster Council’s overview and scrutiny management committee was yesterday told Doncaster Council will get cash from the Government to work with the 870 families which are causing concern, in a bid to turn them around.

The Government defines ‘troubled families’ as those involved with problems including crime and anti-social behaviour, school exclusion or truancy, and living on benefits.

A report before the committee said about 1,300 families who match at least one criteria were identified in Doncaster – but the 870 to be targeted by the scheme match two or more of the criteria.

Official estimates say the cost of putting one nuisance family back on track is estimated at £10,000, meaning sorting out all the ‘troubled’ families would run to around £1.3 million.

Doncaster Council will be paid up to £4,000 by the Government for each family under the scheme, called Stronger Families.

Specialist workers will be assigned to small groups of families to work with them, encouraging them to work with different groups to change their behaviour. It is expected to help their neighbours by dealing with the problems the families create.

Deputy mayor Cynthia Ransome said: “The council is committed to improving the lives of Doncaster residents and making the borough a more pleasant place to live. The Stronger Families programme aims to turn around the lives of families in need of intervention and improve their outcomes in the long run.

“The Government states there are 120,000 ‘troubled families’ across the country and that they cost £9bn a year to the public purse.

“Through partnership working and a coordinated approach to tackling this issue, we aim to reduce costs and provide the best possible help and self-support for the 870 families identified in Doncaster.”