Campaign for a Mexborough Town Council gathers pace

The campaign for Mexborough to have its own Town Council is gathering pace, as scores of town shops pick up petitions to support the fight to be recognised.

Times staff took to the town’s streets this week, to kick-start the battle to give Mexborough residents more power to shape the town’s future.

Our campaign, “Our Town, Our Voice” is backed by Coun Sue Phillips – who herself has already amassed 500 names.

She believes the town must act now if residents want imrovements for Mexborough, before the Government passes the “Big Society” Localism Bill this year.

Under the terms of the bill, which is currently passing through parliament, local councils and communities will have more controls over public spending.

Said Sue: “If Mexborough is to have a strong future, then we need to be ready for the Localism Bill when it arrives.

“Having our own council means we have our own voice.

“It’s important that more Mexborough people are able to make decisions about the town, rather than having just three councillors to battle for the town in Doncaster.”

Labour Leader and Mexborough MP Ed Miliband urged residents to speak up with their views.

He said: “Mexborough is the fifth biggest town in South Yorkshire and has a strong community.

“I think it’s important to listen to what the people have to say about the issue and let them decide whether or not they think a town council is right for Mexborough.”

*Aside from the Times office, you can also sign the petition at: Pettits, Staniforths Bakery, B&M, Tesco, Heron Foods, the Co-op, Rosie’s Cafe, Pickles Farms, Card Factory, Ideal Travel, William Hill, Somers Discount, Mexborough Post Office, the Falcon Pub, The Bull’s Head and the Old Market Hall.