Cameras are waste of money say members

MEMBERS of Crowle and Ealand Town Council have ordered a “fundamental review” of CCTV cameras located near the Market Place.

Several councillors have expressed concern following a number of crimes they claim went unrecorded by the cameras, including the recent theft of market stall equipment.

Councillor Mel Bailey was mayor when Yorkshire Forward funded the CCTV cameras and he expressed his disillusionment with the equipment’s performance, at this month’s council meeting.

He said: “More and more incidents of criminal activity are taking place and the CCTV cameras are not producing any evidence.

“The stalls were stolen and we are being told nothing is being recorded and yet they should be bringing something up. I don’t think they are doing the detective work right.”

There are two permanent cameras in the town centre, one overlooking the Market Place and another on the Crowle Community Hub, the former Resource Centre.

Material is monitored from a police control centre in Scunthorpe.

Coun Bailey also added his financial concerns about the CCTV equipment.

He said: “It’s costing this community quite a lot of money every year and is not giving value for money and it hasn’t since day one.”

Coun Trevor Barker said he understood there were problems with the ‘patrol’ setting of the cameras when they are pointed in certain directions.

He added: “There are a lot of residents contributing money every year to its maintenance and we should have it evaluated. A lot of residents are saying it’s not worth it but I am not one of them.”

Coun Ron Stewart proposed a fundamental review of the CCTV system and how it could be improved and this was passed by members.

Speaking to the Bells/Advertiser, Isle Neighbourhood Officer Sergeant Michelle Garlick said: “The camera in the Market Place does not cover the whole of the Market Place and the market stalls in question.

“The benefits of these cameras is threefold. They reassure, prevent and detect. It means we can measure what we have prevented over the year.”