Call for end to flytipping incidents in Doncaster town

Pictures of the flytipping
Pictures of the flytipping

Community leaders have urged the public to keep their Doncaster town tidy after a spate of fly-tipping incidents.

Piles of rubbish have been found ditched close to the road at a site near Stainforth - the latest incidents involving rubbish in a town which has seen teams of volunteers spring into action to clear up its streets.

The latest area to fall victim to fly-tipping was the bridleway running alongside Kirton Lane and the colliery drainage dyke, where items including mattresses were abandoned.

Stainforth Council has been informed about the issue.

Mayor of Stainforth Lorraine Crosby has urged people to think twice before dumping rubbish in the area, and urged them to try to find ways to dispose of it without spoiling the environment.

She said: "We can all understand the financial pressures some people are under, but if there is a problem, perhaps people could club together and hire a van between them?"

She added if people had items they wanted to get rid of which were still working, she was aware of food banks having passed items on to needy people who could not afford them.

In the summer, the council had raised concerns over general litter in the village.

Mrs Crosby said it was not thought that there had been much improvement, and teams of volunteers from Stainforth Library had continued to go out on litter picks to clear some parts of the town.

She added: "It's not getting any better and we seem to be getting more flytipping. I saw a bed and a chest of drawers recently on the streets near Central Club and Fox's Mews."

During the summer, a team of volunteers in the town were handed commendations from the council for their work in clearing litter.