Bygone Dancehall days of Doncaster are revisited at Cast

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Dancehall, Cast

Nine local dance schools have been picked to set the stage for a new production that aims to take audiences back through Doncaster’s decades of dance.

The groups have been picked to perform before each performance of Dancehall which runs from September 11-19 and is the latest production from Cast and Right Up Our Street, bringing together professional and community performers to tell the story of the people of Doncaster over the years.

From dance floor crazes to fashion trends , the show will bring back fond memories as the stories of Doncaster people are told.

Cast tirector Kully Thiarai said: “As we mark our second birthday, it is particularly exciting to see how many local dance schools came forward to be part of our newest production. Like Barry Hines’ Kes and The Glee Club before it, our ambition is to both create great theatre and reveal the stories and talents of Doncaster.

“In Dancehall not only will you see the story of Doncaster and the good old days of dancing through the ages unfold, you will also have a chance to catch the great, diverse dance talent that we’ve got here in the region, today.”

Each of the schools will open the show on a different night,