VIDEO: Hundreds camp out for new Xbox One console

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Hundreds of people camped out at Meadowhall to be among the first in the country to get their hands on the new Xbox One gaming console this week.

Game threw open its doors at midnight on Wednesday, but for dedicated fans, the wait started hours earlier.

Meadowhall at midnight of people buying the latest x-box1.

Meadowhall at midnight of people buying the latest x-box1.

First in the queue was 20-year-old David Longstaff, of Rotherham, who arrived at the Sheffield shopping centre at 11am.

“I’m so excited to be here, I’m not even feeling tired,” said the hardcore fan, who wearing his favourite Halo t-shirt for the occasion.

“I got here at 11am today, I was so determined to get my hands on a console and I finally have - I’ll never sleep tonight!”

The Xbox One is one of the most hotly-anticipated new consoles of the year, along with PS4, which is due out in shops next week, and according to Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison, pre-order figures for the console have been staggering.

He also said that the company is doing its utmost to meet Xbox One demand over the Christmas period: “I can only apologise in advance to anybody who is let down before Christmas,” he said.

“We don’t want to lose a sale, clearly, and we’ll work hard in our operations and our manufacturing supply chain and obviously with our retail partners to make sure we catch up as quickly as we can.”

Sheffield Game store manager Trevor Oldroyd said: “It’s certainly a busy few weeks for us in store, but these late nights are always a lot of fun.

“It’s great to see our truly hardcore fans turning out like this and we enjoy chatting with them and seeing how much enjoyment they get from the products. The atmosphere in the queues is always really positive and friendly.

“It’s been eight years since the last console launch for Xbox so this was a truly joyous occasion for many people.”

It’s thought as many as 200 people turned up to pre-order their console in store on Wednesday, before returning that night to collect it.

Trevor added: “This new system of allowing people to come and pre-order in store made this process much quicker and smoother.”