VIDEO: Doncaster’s massive cuts budget is voted through

Doncaster Council’s £109 million budget cuts went ahead this afternoon, despite opposition from some councillors and a band of protesters outside the Civic Office.

About 30 union officials and people opposed to the closure of old people’s homes, day centres and reducing the library service demonstrated before the meeting and crowded into the public gallery.

Anti-cuts demonstration outside the Civic Offices.

Anti-cuts demonstration outside the Civic Offices.

They heard Mayor Ros Jones blame the cuts on the Coalition Government but stressed ‘vital services are not at risk.’

“I did not get into politics to cut services. However, I must be a responsible mayor in these difficult times. We need to be smarter and maximise every taxpayer £. We have to be a more productive and enabling council,” said Mrs Jones.

The £109 million worth of cuts will be over the next three financial years but opposition councillors Jonathan Wood and Martin Williams said that was looking too far ahead.

But Coun Wood’s proposal to amend the budget to one year received only six votes, with 51 against.

The Labour budget received 48 votes in favour, with nine against.

Coun Wood also criticised Labour councillors who did not speak up about the planned closures of old people’s homes in their wards.