Use your commonsense Mayor Davies – and don’t rip the heart out of our little town


The proposed five-fold rent increases for Market traders at Mexborough (South Yorkshire Times, April 14) would be laughable, were it not so serious.

The people who make these decisions, we presume are sensible and have integrity and, above all, have the welfare of the community for whom they represent at the centre of all their proposals.

With all this in mind, please can someone tell me how this is going to benefit the people of Mexborough and its economy?

There is very little for anyone to come to the town for, except the market. All the major stores have gone and without the market, so will most of the shoppers.

I would have thought that lessons would have been learned from the rent increases at Doncaster Market, where many of the stalls are now vacant.

It went from a thriving market to a much reduced one, nothing like the busy venue it used to be.

However, Doncaster continues to draw shoppers because of the large department stores and shopping mall – alas not so Mexborough.

The heart would be ripped out of this little town if the market traders were forced out. The market is a social hub for many in our society.

What about the traders? They can’t possibly be expected to make a living after paying out such exorbitant increases.

There is a petition to be signed in the market and I would urge people to sign it to show their support for the market and its traders.

Ed Miliband has asked you to think again, so listen to your leader and the people of Mexborough, use your commonsense and integrity, and sort this out.

Mexborough resident (name supplied),

(Via email)