Trainee inspired by family friend

Amy Simister, 21, who is an apprentice at Doncaster Council.  Picture: Liz Mockler D1944LM
Amy Simister, 21, who is an apprentice at Doncaster Council. Picture: Liz Mockler D1944LM

A FRIEND of the family recommended an apprenticeship at Doncaster Council - and Amy Simister’s never looked back

The 21-year-old went along to an open meeting about the traineeships on offer and then applied and was accepted to become an administration assistant.

She has now worked her way up to becoming an E-learning project officer, where she gives classes and assemblies about the dangers faced by children when they use the internet.

Amy said: “I would recommend the apprenticeship programme to anyone. I feel I got broken gently into working life whilst being paid and gaining a qualification, which is the greatest combination.

“Becoming an apprentice helped me learn and develop before I took on a more substantive role.

“The academic study helped me learn more about Doncaster Council and I received a lot of help and support from the apprenticeship team which helped me along the way.”

As part of her role, Amy encourages children to report any strange behaviour on the internet and teaches that though there are many positive elements to going online, there are also dangers.

She said: “The reality is, you can’t be with every child at every click, so you have to teach them how to make good decisions.”

Amy left school with eight GCSEs and three A-levels. She had previous worked as a staff trainer at McDonalds training up new employees, as well as a waitress.

She now has ambitions to get even more qualifications under her belt and is looking forward to the other challenges that might be on offer in the future.

“I want to complete my NVQ Level 3 and Level 4 and then I will look at new qualifications that I could achieve.

“I would like to ensure eSafety is embedded thoroughly in schools and internal services throughout Doncaster.

“Making sure there is at least one trained teacher in eSafety in each school. Once I have achieved as much as I can in this field I may take on another challenge.”