They took everything including the kitchen sink


Thrifty people in Doncaster offset the rising cost of moving by stripping the cupboards bare, according to a new survey.

Buying a house has never been more expensive which could explain why frugal residents of Doncaster are more likely than ever to remove the basic fixtures with them when they go.

Light bulbs, toilet seats….even the proverbial kitchen sink are all common items we find removed when we enter our new home for the first time according to research from Saga Legal Solutions.

Top five unusual items removed from homes in Doncaster

1. Light bulbs (31%)

2. Plants from the garden (14%)

3. Carpet (10%)

4. Toilet seat (8%)

5. Door handles (5%)

The research also revealed that a quarter of people would avoid moving home based on the additional administrative costs such as estate agent and conveyancing fees.

To help with this, Saga Legal has released a new Smooth Moves Guide to Conveyancing which offers advice on how to move cost-efficiently and with the minimum of fuss.