The dustbin of Doncaster...

Wheelie bin
Wheelie bin

A village has been dubbed the ‘dustbin of Doncaster’ after controversial plans for a rubbish dump were approved.

More than 1,000 residents in Kirk Sandall have objected to plans to build a waste transfer station in their village. Doncaster Council’s planning committee has approved the plans drawn up by the local authority. The Government will now have to make a final decision on the bid.

Up to 185,000 tonnes of household rubbish from across Doncaster will be stored at the site each year before being transferred to a new waste plant in Rotherham. A convoy of around 215 wagons a day are due to drop off rubbish at the site in Sandall Stones Road. The plant may also deal with clinical waste.

Vice chairman of Edenthorpe Parish Council, Dave Barrows says he is concerned that the area is going to be turned into the town’s ‘dustbin’.

He added: “It’s going to affect the way people see the area. I know I would think twice about living here with the waste transfer station.

“As a parish council we have raised our objections to it, but I don’t think Doncaster Council has listened. People here almost feel like there’s no point as the council are just going to do what they want.”

Residents’s fears over the waste transfer site said that the plant will increase traffic, will create odours and is too close to housing. A new roundabout to deal with the traffic is set to be built in Doncaster Road to alleviate congestion, Doncaster Council says.

Speaking at a planning committee meeting, Coun Fred Gee said the location of the waste transfer station was questionable.

He added: “If you had any sense you would move the site to the far end of town, so with every trip you would be taking the waste closer to Manvers.

“The site is only 600 metres away from Hungerhill School. The people in this area are the only ones who will be affected. It only takes for the doors to the plant to be opened on a windy day and everyone in Kirk Sandall, Edenthorpe and Barnby Dun will be able to smell the waste.

“It’s a real shame that the petition against the application has not been mentioned in this meeting. For an application as big as this, every objection should be looked at in detail.”

As part of the plan waste will be taken to the site before being separated and non-recyclable rubbish taken a new plant in Rotherham where it will processed and then taken to Ferrybridge where it will be burnt.

The council believes it will be able to save money through the plant through reducing journeys to Rotherham and meet recycling targets.

In a report planning officer, Mel Roberts, said the plant would only have a ‘nominal impact’ on residents and businesses.

Ken Manning, 69, of Rainford Square, Kirk Sandall, organised the petition.

He says he is not opposed to a waste transfer station being built in Doncaster – but thinks Kirk Sandall is the wrong place for it.

Mr Manning added: “It should be located near the M18.

“The waste will have to be taken through Kirk Sandall and Balby before it can be taken to Rotherham. It seems ridiculous to me.”